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TAll the companies doing business in India are required to file certain documents with the government authorities according to the requirements of the Companies Act of 2013 and other applicable laws. Annual filing of Returns and Balance sheet of companies is a part of Annual e-filling done with Registrar of Companies i.e, ROC. The Annual filing is compulsory for a Private Limited company, Public Limited Company, One Person Company and also for Limited Liability Partnership. An Annual filing consists of filing of Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account and Compliance Certificate. This Compliance Certificate would be applicable for those companies whose Paid-up Capital is more or equal to Rs. 10,00,000/- during the financial year. The Balance Sheet should be accompanied with Auditor’s Report, Cash flow Statement and Schedules to the Balance Sheet. This Balance Sheet and P&L account has to be signed by a Practicing Chartered Accountant along with his seal and Membership Number.

Benefits of ROC Annual Filing

Legal Compliances
Doing Annual Filing for Private Limited company is legal compliance. Failing in ROC filing for Private Limited Company may result in making liable for late fees , make company defunct or remove Company name from ROC. Majorly directors may also become disqualified for non -compliance.
Attract Investors
Major of investors before investing in company ensure that companies legal compliances are done in place or not. With ROC filing investor can see financial statements of private limited. Investors gives interest in company with regular annual filing compliances.
Increase Creditability
MCA site shows date of latest annual returns filed for private limited company. Company’s which have timely annual filing compliances tends to have more creditability for directors, share- holders. Also companies who apply for tenders this legal creditability is important.

Documents Required for ROC Filing

  • Financial Statements Balance Sheet and
    Profit and Loss statement in Schedule VI
  • Independent auditor’s report by Chartered Accountant
  • MOA/AOA of Company/LLP

What is included in our package

  • Preparation of E-form AOC-4
  • Preparation of E-form MGT-7
  • Documentation
  • Filling Expenses with the registrar
  • CS Certification